9.1% gender pay gap in UK Healthcare Communications sector

The average male salary is £52,504 which is 9.1% higher than the average female salary of £48,132. It’s important to highlight that this year the gender pay gap has reduced compared to 2019 where there was a gap of 25.9% (where the male average salary of £60,112 and female average salary of £47,739).

Gender pay gaps by seniority

When the male and female salaries are compared by the level of responsibility, the largest difference is at ‘Manager’ level where males earn £56,601 which is 12.7% higher than females as the same level.

It is very encouraging to see that there is pay parity at the entry level of responsibility where the average salary earned by a female is slightly higher than that of a male. It’s also interesting that females outnumber males at every seniority level including Director level (where males outnumbered females in 2019).

Paramount Recruitment CEO Daniel said:

“It is great to see a considerable drop in the gender pay gap from 2019 to 2020 (25.9% to 9.1%) – let’s keep pushing to get the difference down even further in 2021!”

The key findings of this survey were presented during a MedComms webinar on 17th June which you can view here.

To view more about the above, see our summary report or request a free copy of our full detailed reportthat includes more insights into the sector including average salaries, expected pay rises and the most in-demand skills employers are looking for.

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22nd July

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